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Art and other cool things to rev up your creative self.

Come find unique creative prompts and printables to kick your art-making into high gear. I believe everyone can make art, and I'm here to make getting started easier.

Perfect for the person who is drawing challenged, or thinks they can't do anything with a writing implement except write their name. So many cool ideas for creating your own coloring pages, with examples and encouragement. There are SO many possibilities! I thought I'd never really want to do anything creative in this vein. I have created my own damn coloring pages with great success.

Peggy Sahumant

Jeanette Nyberg


Hi! I'm Jeanette, and my blog is Craftwhack. I adore sharing art ideas and inspiration and believe everyone should make art, even after your kid years.

I am an art school graduate and found a love for painting and drawing early on, but realized I LOVED dabbling in all sorts of art mediums and techniques.

My blog is the perfect outlet for all that art experimenting, and this shop is meant to get you or your kids easily making art the minute after you download and print out your purchases.

Happy art-making!